Alcoholic Anonymous Meeting

There are many misconceptions about alcoholic anonymous meetings. One of these misconceptions is that an alcoholic is only a helpless victim looking for someone to take care of him. The real truth about alcoholism is that people who are addicted to alcohol need help in order to break their addiction and live life sober.

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A common misconception is that only alcoholics attend AA meetings. The fact is that even non-alcoholics benefit from Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Even moderately heavy drinkers are known to attend meetings regularly. Sometimes, some people experience negative impact from heavy drinking.

So, how does one go about joining an alcoholic anonymous group? Firstly, a person should try not to associate with people who are heavy drinkers. This is because such individuals may tend to hold a wrong impression about Alcoholics Anonymous. Alcoholics anonymous meetings are held for everyone irrespective of religious or ethnic background. In fact, they do not even have any age limit for its attendance Local AA Meetings.

Secondly, it would be helpful if people join Alcoholics Anonymous groups that are located close to their homes. For instance, people living in the North East are better served by attending meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous based in the South. It would be helpful if the people attending an Alcoholics anonymous meeting regularly could also offer their support to fellow members who are struggling with alcoholism. It would be even better if the people are regular members of an Alcoholics anonymous group who can regularly drop by the meetings, especially if they are members of Alcoholics anonymous group. Such regular attendance of an individual can help a lot in breaking the vicious circle of drinking and partying.

Thirdly, it helps to make people who are alcohol dependent to think carefully before they indulge in alcoholic beverages. It is not good to believe that they will get a magic wand and then they can say: “I am now sober”. That is not true; instead, thinking carefully and acting responsibly will get them out of that trap sooner. Alcoholic anonymous groups give equal importance to all members regardless of age or gender. The idea is to make the members aware of the problem of alcoholism and addiction in a way that will encourage the members to take personal responsibility for themselves and act responsibly when they realize that they are addicted to alcohol.

Fourthly, joining meetings regularly can help people to develop the positive attitude to life. Alcoholism is not a disease but merely an act of wrong thinking. Once people come to know that they are hooked to alcohol, they can choose the right path for themselves and get rid of the habit by developing a positive attitude in life. Members of Alcoholics anonymous groups develop an open and understanding relation with each other. By being aware of their responsibilities towards each other and developing trust between them, people begin to see that they have real friends in this group rather than people who only drink and smoke alcohol to get through life.

Fifthly, joining Alcoholics Anonymous meetings will help people be prepared to face new situations. Alcohol is a depressant and it impairs the brain’s ability to think clearly. This is why many alcoholic who have recognized that they need help and try to find ways to quit, fail time and again. The AA group provides assistance in case the alcoholic encounters sudden withdrawal from alcohol. They also provide practical solutions to the most difficult situations that the alcoholic may encounter.

Alcoholic anonymous groups are usually located in the vicinity of the residential homes of alcoholics, or so they can easily be reached by the alcoholic when he decides to go home for the day. So the alcoholic does not have to depend on others to drive back home if he is unable to drive himself home after consuming a few alcoholic drinks. Alcoholic anonymous meetings are sometimes held in parks or restaurants, so people who want to attend a meeting can easily find a location convenient to them. Joining an alcoholic anonymous group does not mean joining a religious cult or a cult of a personality. Alcoholic anonymous groups are open to everyone who wants to find a way of living a sober and healthy life.

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