Types of Cosmetics For the Body

Cosmetics are comprised of a blend of different chemical substances derived either from natural sources like mineral oil, plant extracts or artificially made ones, and synthetically produced ones like vitamin E, or colorants. All the mentioned ingredients are combined in a formulation to impart certain properties and effect. Cosmetics that are applied externally have a wider scope than those that are applied internally because the outermost layer of the skin is usually made of petroleum jelly or some other emollient, and the chemicals that are used to develop cosmetic products can act directly on this layer. So even if they are developed synthetically, they might still be harmful to the skin, even if they are not formulated as preservatives. Synthetic chemicals can also react with the human body to produce a wide range of undesirable side effects.

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One example of cosmetics that has a therapeutic effect is lotion. There are a wide range of lotions, gels and creams that claim to have therapeutic effects, but a large amount of these products are simply paraffin waxes and petrolatum that claim to moisturize the skin. This is because paraffin waxes and petrolatum cannot effectively penetrate into the skin to moisturize it. They are quickly rendered ineffective, and their presence on the skin blocks the production of sufficient natural oils that provide moisture to the skin. This is why lotions that claim to moisturize the skin usually contain alcohols, which also have a drying effect https://beecost.vn/nuoc-hoa-versace.html.

The use of powders is also prohibited in cosmetics, because powders interfere with the dispersion of the ingredients, and the compound mixture itself cannot be spread properly. Cosmetics that consist mainly of powders can hardly be considered as cosmetics, since such cosmetics do not promote healthy skin, but rather, they promote the further growth of wrinkles by clogging the pores of the skin and encouraging the accumulation of dirt and grime on the skin surface. Such cosmetics are generally not recommended for young children and women who want to appear much younger than what they actually are. But they can be used by people who want to minimize their visible signs of aging.

Liquid foundations are considered one of the safest forms of cosmetics, since they offer great coverage, and they can be applied easily. However, liquid foundations do not last long on the skin, and they can end up looking cakey after prolonged use. And, as previously mentioned, the ingredients in such creams and foundations tend to clog the pores of the skin and interfere with the natural oil production of the skin. Thus, it is best for people using liquid foundations to avoid the use of powder foundation. Most face care ranges that include powder will list the ingredients of the cream or foundation they are selling, along with instructions on how to use them effectively. If you find instructions missing, then you should purchase a different brand of powder foundation.

There are many types of beauty care cosmetics for the body. Many of them are intended to be rubbed into the skin, while others are designed to be sprinkled on the body. The usual application method is to put the product on your face, and then rub it into your neck and shoulders. Creams and lotions with special facial features, such as moisturizers, are also available for the entire body. For this type of cosmetic, it is best to make sure that you choose only those with natural ingredients, so that you can avoid using harsh chemicals.

Skin care products need to be used regularly, or else the effects will start to diminish. You should also keep in mind that although gels may look shiny and fresh, they may still contain ingredients that can harm you. So, always read the label of any cosmetic product before purchasing it. And, if you already have a problem with a product, stop using it immediately and contact a professional dermatologist. Professional help can help you find a solution to your problem, or even provide advice about how to best take care of your skin in general.

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