Finding the Residential Luxury Homes in Pinecrest

Miami-Dade Country – the multicultural, vibrant and beautiful land offering world-class luxurious residential and commercial real estate. The unique culture and art, delicious cuisines, melodic Caribbean and Latin tongues along with all ‘Joie De Vivre’ (Joy of living) are the significant characteristics of this country. The exotic beaches are the rhythmic heartbeats of Miami where you can enjoy real-time adventure and trill of surfing, scuba diving, fishing, boating and other water fun.

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The sophisticated architecture, museums, hotels, restaurants, lavish enclaves, homes and commercial Pinecrest real estate bring you a heavenly experience. Pincrest is the most luxurious, affluent and beautiful village which is situated in the Stanislaus National Forest. It is one among the most desirable real estate investment destinations in South Florida. There are around 19,460 Pinecrest homes which are closely located to the south of downtown Miami and Miami international airport luxury homes in miami.

The total coverage area is around eight square miles with outstanding panoramic views, relaxing and peaceful environment, and vibrant lifestyle along with the luxurious amenities. The Pinecrest residents are valued for their lakefront location, shuffleboard, beach houses, boat docks, and restaurant. Pinecrest condos and homes are expensive affairs but, still prove to be worthwhile deals. In early 1900s, the Miami railroad tycoon Henry Flagler used the Southwest 102 Street and US 1 as the production areas throughout the construction of Overseas Railroad to the Florida Keys; which is presently known as the Pinecrest.

The Pinecrest community started to grow and the very first tourist attraction ‘Parrot Jungle and Gardens’ had been established by the Louise Scherr and Franz in 1936. Miami Serpentarium is the one hottest tourist spots in Pinecrest having unique rural and opulent feel. This village has been officially incorporated on 12th March, 1996. The favorable climate, geography, tropical natural beauty and vegetation, easy accessibility with international airport and other major roadways, rich art and food culture make it popular real estate investment location in South Florida.

The Pinecrest Lake creates a small and stunning beach which is famous for the boating, swimming, fishing and sunbathing. It has Strawberry Dam with extensive wooden flume and ditch system which was built during the Gold Rush for gold washing purpose in placer mining. The Pinecrest Garden is the best relaxing family picnic spot with big banyan trees, fertile vegetation environment, play areas, Splash n Play water area, petting zoo, butterfly exhibit and eye pleasing beauty.

The cuisine is quite delicious and attractive. The custom-made smoothies, fresh sandwiches, gourmet, ice-creams, snacks and hot dogs are the popular recipes of Pinecrest cuisine. The Whole Foods Market covers 24,000 square feet area with an extensive selection of organic and natural foods. The fresh local products like sea food, cheese, wine and meat are the secrets behind appetizing cuisine of Pinecrest.

This sub urban village has cultural diversity, robust infrastructure with unique Mediterranean feel, various career opportunities and incredible natural beauty. In this coming future, the scope of Pinecrest real estate is expected to grow with great pace and now it’s the perfect time to bargain the rates. It’s an ideal investment plan for the people looking for the high profile living for future or business investment purposes. If you are really interested to make profitable real estate investment with great returns then, you should definitely search for the Pinecrest homes and condos.

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