5 Ways a Mobile App Can Boost Revenue for Your Small Business

There are numerous mobile apps that are continuously adding value to small businesses, in a variety of ways. Apps such as Evernote, Lemon Wallet, TripIt, Weave to name a few, not only help to increase work productivity but also manage brand reputation of companies. Mobile apps are just a one-time investment that promises high-returns.

Lets’ take a look at the 5 ways mobile app can boost revenue for your small business:

Increase in Revenue

As per a survey conducted by T-Mobile, it is found that 49% of business owners said they were able to spend advocate more time expanding sales and creating new revenue streams for their small business. Apps act as a catalyst to increase the chances of bringing the customer and supplier together. As per another study, it has been found that, 9 out of 10 mobile phone searches result in a purchase or a visit to the store 婚介.

Boost to Multi-Tasking

T-mobile further uncovers the facts that small businesses with 20 or less employees are using mobile apps. These business owners have estimated to be saving 5.6 hours a week. Some of the top-rated apps that help workers to boost productivity are e-mail and calendar, web/Internet, social media and much more. With apps, work gets streamlined and yields better results, thus benefiting the organization 相親.

Generates Community Support

With apps you get the advantage of promoting your products and services along with similar businesses. As the saying goes: fish where the fish is; this kind of promotion gives your business access to better targeted audience. In the long run, with better quality you can ensure a consistent ROI generation from your business offerings. Customers too benefit as they save time for searching for your products elsewhere speed dating hong kong.

Get on the Mobile Band-Wagon

No matter what business you deal with, with mobile apps you brand gets highlighted in the minds of your customers. As per a recent report there are 300 thousands of apps released to date and by 2014 mobile Internet usage will overtake desktop searches confirms Morgan Stanley. So, why wait, build an app and start exploiting!

Discover New Business Opportunities

Mobile apps open a whole new array of possibilities for your small business to truly set its mark. With app you can collect one-time and repeated orders, interact directly with your customers, share data, advertise and promote your business, offer custom services or discounts, and much more. As per a recent survey 3 out of every 5 searches are conducted on a mobile device and this increases the likelihood of your brand being promoted.

In Conclusion

Mobile apps are a unique way to deliver something unique, custom and personal to your customers. It is imperative for small business to establish a cordial and long-lasting relationship with its consumers and to reach out to them in rather out-standing ways.

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