Coolest New IPhone Apps

In response to the broad-sweeping success of the Apple App Store 聊天室, we bring you the first in what will probably be a long series of rundowns of what’s new and awesome in apps for the iPhone.

1.   ZRx Prescriber: Not of particularly direct usefulness for most of us who aren’t doctors 交友網, but of such killer value to all our doctors that it’s paramount to a godsend to all of us is ZoomMed’s prescription facilitation tool – now conveniently available on the iPhone.
2.   iNotes: If you’ve ever used Lotus iNotes then you already know how great it would be to have that “second memory” 識女仔方法 literally at your fingertips? IBM’s communication wonder brings the services of Lotus Domino message server (email, contacts, and calendar) to the iPhone.
3.   iOnce: To call this program a data aggregator would be like calling a great pyramid a building. iOnce stores and organizes all your account information for every website with which you correspond (email accounts, online banking, internet gaming, airline miles, social networking, bookmarking, dating, etc.). What’s more, you can access all of these various sites and services through this single program, even sites that don’t yet have iPhone applications of their own yet, and with equivalent or greater security than all the password-protected sites and services you already trust. Get alerts and notifications of upcoming bill due dates, monitor and alter travel itineraries, manage eBay bids and postings, and more. It’s no wonder, then, that this great app, courtesy of Israeli company Pageonce, is already in the Apple App Store’s Productivity Department Top 5, right alongside the likes of PayPal and Twitter.
4.   Frommer’s Travel Guides: We probably don’t need to tell you what these inimitable little-big tomes have done for people all over the world for years. At its best travelers consider Frommer’s Guides lifesaving, and otherwise still no less than vacation enhancing. Frommer’s Travel Guides are the ultimate self-guided tour pocket tour guide, and it’s certainly no less so with these even more pocket-sized iPhone versions. Now you can access all the useful travel information (from locations and maps to recommendations and reviews) spontaneously and on-the-go (in other words – from your iPhone). The first to be released are the 2008 New York, Paris, London, and San Francisco editions.
5.   GTS World Racing: Gamers rejoice! Premier mobile device video game maker Handmark has made its iPhone debut with this incredible car racing game that includes 64 tracks and 16 settings around the world with 4 different play modes – Championship, Grand Tour, Challenge Cup, and Single Race. Particularly novel mobile features include using the iPhone’s accelerometer to handle braking, steering, and acceleration. Plus you can listen to music from your own iTunes music library while you play. And the program saves your progress when real life forces you to take a pause from racing.

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