The Recession’s Effect on Online Pay Per Head Service

Although other industries have been already suffering the alarming backlash of the worldwide financial crisis, online Pay per head service industry remains unscathed by the crunch of the economic recession. Online betting is such a resilient industry that they are often spared from being pulled deeper down into the pits of the crisis.

The History of Online Gambling (Infographic)

The online betting industry had a revenue increase of 6% by the end of 2008. Although this increment might be nowhere near its record of 14.7% in 2007, this can already be considered as a big leap in revenue if we look at the state of the global economy as a whole . Compared to how multinational companies and corporations in the motor, consumer and banking industries crash and burn, Pay per head service still proves to be doing well at this rate.

The reason behind such flexibility seen in the gains of the gambling industry greatly lies in the nature of its target market. Online gambling, wagering and betting are impulses that can’t be easily curbed. They are often the type that can turn into gambling consumers’ addiction, and as long as there is demand, online Pay per head service will continue to thrive amidst the crisis. Moreover, it is preferred by local bookmakers because it can cost to up to 85%.  Gambling consumer’s impulsivity might be the strongest factor behind its continuing success.

However, that cannot fully explain the reason behind online betting’s gain in revenues considering that 2008 is the time when the strongest wave of the recession hit micro and macro economies worldwide. What’s even more surprising is that the Price per head outsourcing industry also boomed in the recent months. Likewise, many businesses are now leeched on establishing price per head companies and these corporations have multimillion dollar capital on their belt. To think that they are willing to invest in such an industry just goes to show how resilient and strong the online Pay per head service industry might be.

Economists and financial experts are saying that 2009 might be the beginning of the end for so many business ventures all over the world. There have already been news and rumors about many companies on the verge of a total meltdown. However, given the circumstances, there is a big possibility that online betting, internet wagering, and online Pay per head service industries will continue to remain afloat in the global economic arena.

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