Dallas – The Zenith of Architectural Splendor and Shopping

Much of the (non-North American) world knows about Dallas thanks to the eponymous mega-serial starring J.R. Ewing. A closer look reveals a richly diverse culture, a well-known university, and a thriving arts’ scene among other things. Driving in at night travelers are struck by the sparkling skyscape which is owed to the city’s architectural experimentation with lights 레플리카 .

Staying in Dallas is not a problem because of the abundance of inns, hostels and hotels. For the well-heeled and discerning the outlook is far from bleak. There exists a range of classic luxury hotels in the city which are discreet, understated yet opulent. There is a pretty exhaustive list of favorites too. To begin with, there is the Joule which is a luxury hotel with a truly ‘designer’ appeal. Its neo-gothic style, soaring tower, and distinctive lobby give a sense of energy and space that is quite unique.

Another preferred tourist destination is the five star luxury hotel that goes by the exotic name of The Mansion on Turtle Creek a veritable palace that once belonged to a cotton magnate; this luxury five star hotel is located in the trendiest district of Dallas.

Stepping out of your luxury hotel you will be struck by the panoply of shopping centers spread throughout the city and the enthusiastic, milling crowds around them.

If you happen be in the north you might want to visit Addison, a suburb packed with shopping malls and restaurants. The thriving cuisine of the place has most visitors coming back for more.

Most Americans become emotional on their visit to Dallas. This is, after all, the city in which President Kennedy got assassinated. Making your way to the Texas Book Depository can be quite sobering as you stand on the spot where Oswald waited for the late President’s cavalcade to pass before pulling the trigger. Hearing old broadcasts and viewing film clips take you back to that somber time leaving you deeply moved. Shaking off somber reflections as you make your way towards downtown Dallas you cannot fail to note the inimitable design and structure of the Old Red Courthouse. The red pecos sandstone set in blue granite make it look truly impressive. The Old Red Courthouse also houses a really high-tech cyber café in one of its turrets.

Among the other intriguing landmark sites is Building One which happens to be a sixty-storied granite and glass edifice and the third largest building in the city. Also worth a view is the Fountains Place Building, a skyscraper designed by the Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei who made it look like a prism, John Neely Brian’s (the city’s founder) cabin between Elm and Market Streets, and the Pegasus which initially comprised the Magnolia Petroleum Company but now houses a five star luxury hotel, among others.

And how can you fail to shop to your heart’s content once in Dallas? We strongly recommend, therefore, the Dallas Galleria which is a shopper’s haven. Comprising numerous levels, each dedicated to a different feature like eateries, children’s play region, even an ice rink here you will find every luxury item right from Rolex watches to Louis Vuitton shirts. Have a great time!

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