Predatory Big Pharma Uses Medicine As a Blind

It’s not unusual for organizations and individuals involved in illegal or unethical activities to set themselves up to look like legitimate business people. The really big drug dealers are among them. They might actually have or work in collusion with legitimate businesses, but those businesses are also used to transport drugs, launder drug money, and so on. This is no secret. The exception is big pharma. This industry doesn’t need trucking companies and casinos to cover their tracks; like a hunter in a blind, Big Pharma uses the credibility and respectability of the medical profession to hide from and kill its prey.

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While prescription drugs have saved and improved lives, many of the big pharma companies are not above doing whatever they can get away with to get more people using their products. Since only a limited number of people need help with their blood pressure, heart or an infection, getting more business means promoting alleged medical conditions that are often simply part of life and have no science to back them up as physical problems, or promoting drugs for conditions that, while real, often have natural or alternative remedies that are as effective, if not more so, than drugs and don’t have the side effects and risk F95zone .

Witness the full medicine cabinets of many Americans: Yes, some of the drugs in there may be used to save their life, but the antidepressants, sedatives, tranquilizers and drugs that help people focus (like those used for the alleged medical conditions of ADD and ADHD) are there simply to help people cope with the way they react to living life and don’t cure a thing. In fact, they give people the illusion that life is better when, in fact, they’re just not perceiving it as they used to.

Painkillers, although there are some people who suffer from extreme pain that they have no hope of being able to alleviate otherwise – OxyContin, for example, was originally intended for cancer patients – often fall into the same category.

The biggest problem coming out of this practice seems to be the acceptance of drugs as a way of life, and the fact that our kids are following our lead. They don’t necessarily get prescriptions from their doctors for the same drugs but, because they’re in their parents medicine cabinets and came from a doctor, and because they observe others, like their parents, taking drugs for every little condition, and they see ads on TV that really do look like they have medical legitimacy, they’re considered safe.

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