How to Play Chinese Poker Online

Capsa susun or chinese poker online is one of the popular games that are often played by online gambling lovers in Indonesia. This game is different from gambling games in the rest. This is because capsa stacking is played without a city. So if you want to play and win capsa stacking, this game is played by fellow players. Likewise the betting system used by capsa susun. Come and take a look at this game. These games are currently trending at pkv games bandarqq.

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This capsa game also comes from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Capsa Susun then entered the Southeast Asian region and has its own version in every country. Capsa is played by four people using standard playing cards containing 52 playing cards. Each player will get 13 cards of various kinds.

Card Levels in Capsa Online

Before we learn more about capsa, we must learn the levels in the capsa stacking game. In the stacking capsa game, the lowest card starts from number 3. And then the highest card is 2. So the order of capsa is like this: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7… J, Q, K, Ace, 2. Not complicated right? After knowing the sequence of numbers, there is also what is called the sequence of symbols. Each card must have a symbol. And the symbol that has the lowest value is a diamond. It means that the lowest card in the capsa stacking game is 3 diamonds. Above the diamond are curls, then there are also hearts. The tallest and last is the shovel. The spade card has the highest rank, and the highest card in the stack is 2 of spades.

Goals to Win Capsa Online

When playing capsa, all of you must have a goal to win. All 4 players will compete and step on each other’s cards. The winner will be determined if there is a first player who spends their time the fastest. The game starts when one of the players puts their lowest card i.e. This means that the 3 diamond card must be issued first.

After this card comes out, the player who takes turns next can put any card on this one card. An example is the opponent can put a 5 heart card on top of the first 3 diamond card. Each player will take turns and will continue to rotate clockwise. If unable to put a higher card, then the player is forced to say pass or skip.

Each round will be won by the highest card combination, but winning the round has not won the match. Winning the round means that the player has the right to put whatever card he wants in the next round. This is a good opportunity to throw a low card like a card that is worth 3.

Making money is never easier with this game. It takes a bit of practice in order for you to be a winner. So try and see for yourself.

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