Savor the Moment!

During my trip to Europe last spring, I was amazed at the relaxed atmosphere that was present everywhere I went. Stores closed at lunch so the shopkeepers could go home and eat with their families. People strolled through the streets enjoying the sights. Conversation, laughter, and camaraderie prevailed. The contrast to life in the United States was painfully apparent.

In America, we seem to be perpetually racing from one thing to another – chasing happiness, fulfillment, and joy. These qualities often appear to be just a tad out of our reach, and so the endless cycle keeps repeating itself. We put off vacations because we’re too busy! We work extra hours to save money to enjoy when we retire. We would never dream of closing our stores to go home for lunch. Friends and family get put on hold until we can make time for them. Our own needs get placed on the backburner.

Perhaps we need to take a step back and think about what it is we are actually pursuing so diligently. Making lots of money, achieving more and more, competing with our friends and relatives, and outshining our neighbors can be empty rewards when they cost us time with the very people we love, take a toll on our health, disconnect us from our surroundings, and leave us feeling drained Jesus A Course in Miracles . When we learn to savor each moment, we bring the very happiness we are searching for into our daily lives!

These tail enders are produced by your self image and come from your TRUTHS about yourself. What have you been taught about TRUTHS? They are your reality. They are the guide posts and directors of your life. You cannot change what is true, what is real, can you? I can certainly see why people feel that way. I also had those feelings when I first began my affirmation regimen.

Let me to pose this question to you. As a child, what was your truth about the Tooth Fairy? What were your beliefs about Santa Claus? Do you still have those same truths and beliefs today? You see, beliefs and truths not only can change, many of them do change.

Tail enders are going to be with you for the remainder of your life. By mastering your mind power, the intent is to subdue them to the degree that you can consciously establish new consistent thoughts and beliefs so that the DO NOT WANT thoughts that produce those tail enders (under the direction of the self image) no longer control your life. Through a consistent affirmation program, the tail enders CAN BE SUBDUED!

Tail enders should be subdued the instant they emerge. To subdue them requires the use of effective tools. The number one tool for me is a loose fitting rubber band. With a rubber band on your wrist, as soon as you become aware of the presence of a tail ender in your mind, a quick snap of that rubber on your wrist quickly re-directs your focus from the tail ender to the sting on your wrist. It clears your mind of all thoughts for a short time. It also brings your awareness into the present moment – your moment of power. You can now use that present moment to repeat your affirmations and make them the object of your focus.

After you have gone through this process a few times, I think you will be amazed at how alert your mind becomes to the appearance of tail enders even without the snap of the rubber band. Once alerted, your mind will again become clear for a brief moment, giving you the opportunity to present your affirmations to your mind once again. Thus, each repetition drives the tail enders farther and farther into the background and weaken their power and influence while placing your affirmation more and more into the forefront of your mind.

Psychologists, as well as the author of Psycho-Cybernetics Maxwell Maltz, have concluded that a new habit of thought or behavior can become fixed in about 21 days of consistent repetition. I personally used and continue to use 1 month as my habit developing period. Since every month has more than 21 days, I meet the time suggestion of the experts and I satisfy my comfort level with the additional days. You should choose what you feel works best for you.

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