How to Select the Right Project Management Software

The simple problem with software purchasing decisions these days is people make it harder than it needs to be. The “correct” way to pick an application for your business is a long and academic one. You do analysis, determine weighted requirements, then go to market looking for alternatives which you compare with your requirements. If you know your not going to do it the hard way and just want some quick pointers please read on PMP certification cost .

The process for successfully implementing project management software is different for each organisation. It comes down to what is right for the culture and complexity of the business. My advise would be figure out exactly what you need and pick the simplest tool for the job. You need something that will make your job easier rather than simple increase your data entry. It’s very difficult to get people to add things to their work load so don’t expect people will rush to use your new package if the tool requires a lot of effort to produce results people don’t already need.

In my experience this is the number one cause of failure, lets face it if you install something simple and get 100% of people to enthusiastically use it then you have succeeded. If you install something which promises to control every aspect of your business and only a couple of staff seriously use it then you’ve failed. This may not be for everyone, particularly for those with smaller businesses looking to fulfill minimal requirements.

We all love features! Often I look at online project management software and I’m blown away by the features. For $99.95 a month I can get software that will manage almost every aspect of my businesses. I can time sheet, invoice my customers, balance finances, way up my initiatives, plan my projects, schedule my staff, measure business benefits, collaborate, integrate and ultimately produce phosphate.

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