Gambling is a game that is prohibited by both the state and religion. This is certainly not without reason if the government and religion forbid citizens to play gambling, it is because gambling can give someone a loss. Gambling makes people easily emotional, destroys finances and wastes someone’s free time that should be valuable for positive activities.

Many people think that they can get rich just by gambling, when in fact it is a very big lie dominoqq terpercaya . No one in this world gets rich just because of playing gambling.

Because on the contrary, the results or effects that gambling gives are bringing the players to ruin. It is said that gambling makes people easily emotional because when a gambling player loses and runs out of money, it is certain that they will become very sensitive and easily emotional, easily offended which often causes conflict for anyone who intersects.

It even circulated on television about a gambling player who did not hesitate to kill other people, this was because the perpetrator did not succeed in getting money, where the money wanted to be used to play gambling.

Gambling itself is broadly divided into systems, namely offline gambling and online gambling. Examples of offline gambling are, cockfighting, racing gambling, dice gambling. As for online gambling, for example, poker, online slots,  dominoqq online and many more.

The thing that distinguishes these 2 types of gambling itself is where offline gambling is played only face to face where there is usually a dealer as an intermediary for gambling players. As for offline gambling, it is gambling that does not need to be face-to-face to be able to play it.

The intermediary in online gambling is no longer a dealer but a system that has been well designed. And just so you know, all types of spread gambling have been designed in such a way that they can give the players an initial win and subsequent losses for the players.


Many gamblers or gamblers experience a meltdown in their life. This is because they often commit criminal acts because their gambling desires cannot be carried out. They can steal, rob and even kill just to get money which they will later use to gamble. This is very unfortunate where the perpetrators or gamblers have to languish in prison just because of a trivial problem, namely not being able to gamble.

Many of people were destroyed because of this gambling. These are all effects that gambling makes people easily emotional, where even a short decision can be taken without thinking. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with gambling players to be able to stop playing gambling if they still love life.

Look for more positive activities or use money wisely rather than just playing gambling. Remember well. Gambling does not have any positive effect on human life

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