Top Ten Face Painting Ideas For Kids

Face painting is about applying colours to the living canvas. It involves the decoration of the face with different colours, and designs. Unlike permanent tattoos, face paints are temporary, and can be easily washed with tap water. It is popular among people of all ages. Children and adults love to adorn their face on special events such as birthday parties, Halloween, and Christmas.

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Professionals and sometimes amateurs create beautiful designs, from simpler to complex ones. Face painting requires tools such as a sitting stool, paintbrushes, sponges, and colour kits KAWS BLACKOUT Painting for sale . They also contain stencils for making every type of design. The face paint kits contain liquid paints, water paints, and glitter paints in different shades. Face painting kits contain other accessories such as wax, to produce special effects. These paints are tagged for safe use. The skin of the kids is usually very sensitive. Therefore, it is better to check these paints on the inner side of the arm.

Children are very excited about face painting. The face painting designs differ with respect to their complexity. If you are a beginner, you can start with the simple face painting designs such as butterflies, and clowns. These simple designs are very common for birthday parties.

In addition, animal designs such as rabbits, tigers, cats, and dogs are famous designs for the birthday gatherings. With a littler practice, you create an animal look out of the human contours. Boys are often interested in cartoon faces such as black and red Spiderman. Girls love to paint their faces with fairy designs. Small girls like hello kitty designs.

There are many full-face designs. The designs require the whole face to be painted with the single base colour. After forming the base, you can create different patterns on the face. Leopard is an example of such a complex design. The full leopard mask requires application of two or more colours with different shades. In addition, you need to take care of the spots on the leopard face.

You can apply many face-painting ideas for the Halloween party. Small girls and boys can have a scary look through witch, monster, skull, ghost, and monster designs. Ghost design is the simplest of all. It is suitable for the small kids, as it is very difficult to make them sit for longer time, so you should select a simple design for painting. You can easily paint a ghost. You require a sponge to paint the face of a kid with white colour. Apply two to three layers to make the base. Apply black colour around the eyes. Use red paint to make scars on the face.

Acrylic paint is a relatively new medium of painting compared to the painting of olden days. The acrylic painting technique originated around the early fifties and has evolved into a very competitive painting medium. We can say that in today’s world acrylic paint is the most sought after medium among all the popular artists. The texture of the acrylic painting techniques lends itself to a variety of painting styles be it the thickly applied impasto or light strokes representing a water color texture.

Acrylic painting is also highly favored due to its longevity. The color of the acrylic paint does not yellow with age nor does it harden and crack with age. This paint is far easier to use than an oil paint and it does not need a protective coating to prevent from cracking.

Other advantages: Using acrylic paint can be used very effectively as a transparent medium too. This gives the same effect as that of a water color. The additional advantage is that acrylic paint can be used in layers without disturbing or mixing up with the layer beneath as long as you wait for the initial layer to completely dry before applying the second layer. Once the acrylic paint dries it does not dissolve in water and hence the next layer will not affect its color. The disadvantage is that you cannot modify the color either unlike in water color painting. So while using acrylic paint you have to be careful to get the color just right.

Mixing opaque colors: While doing a water color scheme the acrylic painting technique uses transparent coats which are quite easy. However if you have to mix two opaque colors in acrylic it is a slighter tougher job since you have to mix and finish before the colors dry up. So select the area with care where you know you will have enough time to blend both colors. Then paint both colors side by side on the area selected. Paint down the joining line of both colors with a damp brush so as to soften that portion. After softening the mid line where the colors join use up and down strokes or side to side strokes for blending both colors until you achieve the desired effect in order to learn how tocorrectly.

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